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The Utilities markets were de-regulated some years ago to provide competition for the old monopoly providers.

You now have a multitude of choices for your gas,electricity,phone,internet and mobile phone services. But do you just look for the cheapest gas supplier or the best mobile deal for bundled minutes  ?  No, you can do better than that.

Many companies save you money compared to :

Gas from British Gas -  Electricity from your local Electricity Board

and telephony from British Telecom.

Only one company  provides all of these services on one monthly direct debit bill when you join their discount club.

Services are available to Residential and Business premises

For Residential customers

The more services you take - the more money you save.

There is no minimum contract period for gas, electricity, landline or sim only mobile customers. Why not try the services  ?  You can go back to your previous high priced supplier at any time   !

You have the security of a triple value guarantee, an efficient UK call centre with knowledgeable staff and  me as an additional point of contact. 

You can SAVE MORE money by paying a 25 fee and then recommending others to take the residential services.

You do not have to do any selling - simply refer people to Head Office who provide the information and handle the administration.

You receive a discount on your bill, relative to the usage of the residential customers you refer.  You need to refer two cusomers successfully to start having your bill reduced.  You cannot, currently,  refer business customers.

You can reduce your own billing to ZERO, if and when you successfully refer enough new customers. The time it takes to achieve this will depend on how active you want to be.

The company is growing but they currently have, only  1% of the market - so you have plenty of opportunity.

You will continue to get free residential utilities for as long as you have enough referred customers.


Most companies only reward you with a box of chocolates or a small cheque if you refer a friend. Restaurants ,authors and cinemas usually give you nothing for a recommendation  !

Please  call me    FREE        Alan Collins     0800  458 3767 

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                                             2008  update : 

    Energy prices increasing   -   a good time to start saving money